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 Atelier Web W Scope 
Release 2.0
What you see in a Windows™ session is the tip of an iceberg.
Some people are happy with the knowledge of that tip, others need to go deeper and deeper under the waters.
W-Scope is the right tool to reach every part of the iceberg - not just because it is able to retrieve privileged runtime information but particularly because is the only tool in the World that allows you to visualize what is not visualizable - invisible windows!

Atelier Web WindowsScope (AWWS)
Hundreds of invisible windows populate your system at any given moment. They represent  more than 90% of the total number of windows!
Normally, they are either harmless containers waiting for an opportunity to show up or they are simple pumping engines making messages move in and out. All rules have exceptions and when a system is infected by a virus, trojan or spyware, the malware relies on hidden windows to produce sordid practices behind the scenes. Here W-Scope will provide insight of what is going to happen.

 AW GoOn  
Release 1.1.1 

Allows you to work safely in your PC under a Standard User account, but having full Administrator level privileges to any number of selected applications you could not run otherwise.
  • No UAC prompts, no Administrator credentials to launch applications
  • Fully hacker proof!
  • Absolutely safe. 
This is a real breakthrough, for the first time the idea works. We looked at all attempts made so far around this theme and none of them is either easy to use or safe, in general they are not both.
GoOn, targets both workplace users and home users and can  be configured to provide the best approach for each case.
It is extremely easy to use, in a few minutes you will be up and running.

You can launch applications in two different ways, through a regular application user interface or through an amazing gadget (Windows 7 and Vista only)


Download now to add AW GoOn to your security arsenal.

 Atelier Web Remote CommanderRelease 7.54 
AWRC is a must-have for System Administrators and Helpdesk personnel. Recommended for a range of special remote access requirements, from Intelligence to Parental supervision. 

Exclusive Features 
- Runs across firewalls.
- Performs deep audits and all kinds
- of maintenance operations.
- Does not leave traces on remote.
- It is absolutely safe. 

When full power is the minimum requirement, you need AWRC... 

You may be familiar with utilities that allow remote management of computers.
All those utilities require that you install software on the remote computer in order to process your requests and send the information back to you.

The first thing that makes AWRC different is that it does not require that you install any kind of software on the remote machine. Sure, it seems impossible. We thought that also!

The second thing is that AWRC allows you to gather more information from the remote system than remote privileged users can dream about. By far and large, AWRC is the more powerful remote audit tool you can find.

The third thing is that AWRC provides a great set of tools for remote computer management. You can do virtually anything on the remote computer you do on the local system.
These are the main features and capabilities of Atelier Web Remote Commander, no other software provides this amount of functionality:   
 ·Access to the remote computer desktop enabling the launch of software with the mouse or keyboard. 
 ·Supports multiple monitors (up to 10) on the remote computer, you can view and work on any of them. 
  Simulates all keystrokes on the remote keyboard computer. 
 ·Wakes-up from screen-savers with a mouse-click or keystroke. Deals with password protected screen-savers. 
 ·Simulates the security attention sequence (Ctrl+Alt+Del) on the remote to enable logon and on the default desktop. The default hotkey is Ctr+Alt+D. 
  Supports User Switching sessions on Windows XP Pro and later (Vista, Windows 7, etc) 
 ·Provides access to disks, partitions, folders and files. The partitions or folders are not required to be open shares. 
 ·Remote files can be downloaded or launched in the remote system. Files can be launched as another user (equivalent to RunAs). 
 ·Local files can be uploaded to the remote system. 
 ·Files can be remotely zipped or unzipped. 
 ·New directories can be made and files and directories can be renamed. 
 ·Remote files and directories can be deleted, copied or moved. 
 ·Allows sending or receiving the Clipboard contents: text, pictures and other standard Windows Clipboard formats. 
 ·Provides partition information, namely File System, Type, Serial Number, Volume Label, Capacity and Free space. 
 ·Allows visualization of shares. 
 ·Allows visualization of users list and account details as well as Local and Global groups. 
 ·Allows instant retrieval of password hashes, for audit of strong password policy enforcement across the organization. 
 ·Allows visualization and management of services. Services can be started, stopped, paused, resumed and even unloaded. 
 ·Allows visualization of processes. Processes can be killed. 
 ·Allows remote Shutdown, Power-Off and Reboot. 
 ·System Information (Operating System, Processor, BIOS, Memory, Display Adapter and Logical printers). 
 ·Complete and detailed Hardware Devices list. 
 ·Physical memory viewer. 
 ·Port Finder, which maps applications to open ports. 
 ·Connections and Listening Ports, TCP statistics, UDP statistics, ICMP statistics, Routing Table, DNS Servers, Persistent Routes, IP Statistics/Settings, Installed Protocols/Protocol Details, Addressing Information Table, Net to Media Table, Interface Statistics/Settings. 
 ·Chat facility for conversation with a remote interactive user. 
 ·Provides antialiased scaling of remote desktop for comfortable viewing on the local computer. 
 ·Uses Windows authentication, which guarantees that only individuals with Administrator privileges on the remote system are able to connect (strong passwords are obviously recommended). 
 ·Can use strong encryption to keep the information out of reach from prying eyes. 
 ·Request authorization feature for obtaining approval from remote before initiating operations. 
 ·Transparent to Firewalls. 
 ·Works within the company's Microsoft Networks LANs and across the Internet. 
 ·Does not open any ports - it is absolutely transparent to any firewall, providing the Microsoft Networks operation is not blocked by the firewall.
Download now and see how much you can save with this inexpensive software! 

 Atelier Web Security Port Scanner     Release 4.61
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner (AWSPS) is a first-line weapon against network perils being used worldwide by thousands of security-conscious corporations, official state departments and consulting companies.

 Click Here for Features

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 Click Here for Reviews

With the Internet offering more and more opportunities for intrusion and distribution of malicious code, traditional security software (vulnerabilities scanners and trojan scanners) require almost daily updates to identify and sustain the invasion and are quasi-hopeless when dealing with unrevealed perils.

Companies and individuals are shielded behind laboriously configured firewall hardware and software and, even then, they still have no substantial guarantee their systems are defended and private information is safe from prying eyes.

Atelier Web Security Port Scanner is an innovative network diagnostic tool that adds a new dimension of capabilities to the  arsenal of network administrators, information security professionals and all people concerned with safety on PCs.
Due to its capability to equate and present to the User the exact reality the Network System is facing, the privileged territory of a true Security Port Scanner starts were the others leave.
This major release of Atelier Web Security Port Scanner offers a wealth of state-of-the-art tools for in-depth assessment of Network Security, almost doubling the capabilities of the previous release 3.
A Security Port Scanner, unlike most traditional tools, is not reactive, it is a proactive device for pursuing signs of disaster and anticipating solutions.
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner features two different top-notch TCP Port Scanners, the Worlds' best UDP Port Scanner, one unique Mapping of Ports to Applications feature, every conceivable localhost Network information, precise and comprehensive LAN details, the Worlds' most powerful NetBIOS scanner (Professional release only), the most complete ports database available today and more...
In this type of affairs, paying more is no guarantee of getting more. You can easily pay one thousand times more than what you should...

Download now to have AWSPS in your security arsenal.

 Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer
Release 2.34
If you are accessing the Internet from office or home you know the kind of perils this involves.
You may experience tentative intrusions from the outside World to your PC or trojan horses and spyware trying to connect the outside World from your PC..
While personal  firewalls provide a degree of protection against outside attempts they are not effective against malware in your PC trying to connect the Internet!
The capability to audit what flows in and out of every piece of software is critical for security.

Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer is the only software in the World that can capture the data that flows in and out of your PC since boot time. Don't embark in false advertsiments... choose only the best!
Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer (AWPTA)
A "sniffer" can track every byte that flows in and out of the network interface card, but can not correlate them with any running software. And it can not report listening ports (AWPTA does it and also reports any software the moment they open any socket).  AWPTA offers you the following features:
  • Real-time mapping of ports to processes (applications and services)!
  • History since boot-time of all open ports and respective mapping to processes!
  • Log since boot-time of data sent and received (up to 500 MB)! (The trial version is limited to 3 MB).
  • Sophisticated Archiving feature.
  • and a lot more...
AWPTA collects the data in the background with NO OVERHEAD for your system!
Download now to add AWPTA to your security arsenal.

 Atelier Web IP Locator 
Release 2.1  (see What's New
Atelier Web IP Locator (AWIPLOC) is an invaluable network tool that everyone must keep handy in these days where knowing as much as possible about an internet connection can only help in every security or marketing related aspect. 

AWIPLOC allows you to access the World's biggest IP geolocation database straight from your desktop or your windows website and know in instants where a certain IP address belongs.
AWIPLOC is free for occasional private use, no time deadlines and no functionality limitation. You are automatically attributed  a quota of IP search credits that is automatically renewed periodically. This quota is enough for an occasional private use of the software.

AWIPLOC includes a full featured freely distributable Automation Server that allows you to easily perform IP location searches from your website or from your own applications. It includes, as well, afreely distributable .Net engine with equivalent functionality. We have include samples for .ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, VB .Net, Delphi and MFC C++, but you can use it from virtually any .Net or COM aware environment.

 Atelier Web Capi Pro     Release 2.3 (see What's New

 Control and Delphi Components

Atelier Web Capi Pro (AWCapi Pro) is all you need to develop the most sophisticated ISDN phone applications without effort in a question of days or even hours. 

View Snapshots of a Demo Program built with AWCapi Pro

CAPI programming is not easy and thousands of hours are required to dominate its peculiar model and dissect dozens of technical specifications. AWCapi Pro dispenses all that knowledge and the time can be better spent in the more rewarding aspects of building stunning interfaces for truly appealing applications for the market or the company. Even a developer that barely knows what CAPI and ISDN are all about can be up and running in less than one hour.

AWCapi Pro is built upon our popular, now discontinued, AWCapi ActiveX control, but the power and capabilities are far beyond.

AWCapi Pro supports almost every CAPI Supplementary Service and it has a built-in DTMF decoder/encoder (it supports as well the CAPI DTMF Facility, if present). Due to its true-asynchronous event driven model it can handle multiple calls at the same time. Calls can be handled through Voice Mail or directly from mic and speakers using the new DirectSound engine. Phone conversations can be very easily recorded. In addition, you have direct access to the actual incoming and outgoing sound to process it further or change if necessary. And more...

In summary, AW Capi Pro provides almost everything you have been demanding over the past 3 years.Download it now!

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